Treasures for the Bibliophile

Mother-in-laws can be wonderful. Mine knows me well. She gave me a call today from the local historical society to tell me they were having a rummage sale, and that there were some old books there.  I am just a little surprised she thinks I need more books, though. When she helped me move to our current house 8 years ago I heard some complaining about how many boxes of books she had to move! ( I was 8 months pregnant, and both my parents and Richard’s helped us moved. It was AWESOME of them both to help me.) I have a few more books now…

My Stack


But on to my treasures! I love OLD books. I love their yellowed pages and old smell. I love the beautiful artwork that I often find inside. I love that I don’t have to worry about obscene words and passages. I love the ornate covers of some. I have been know to buy a book just for the cover. I even love the messages people write on the inside of the covers and the slips of paper that mark pages.

The Life of Sitting Bull

Inside Cover


So, I went to the sale and came home with seven books.  They were $0.50 each. The newest is from 1928 and the oldest is ‘Life of Sitting Bull and the Indian War of 1890-91’.  I am looking forward to some reading this winter. It has been a while since I have read some thing “new” to me. I just don’t get into new novels, not even the Christian ones. They lack something, and I can’t pinpoint what it is. I think it is depth. Building characters and describing scenery in detail is gone from modern books. I think this may be since we are able to “see” most of the world on tv  and the internet.

‘Heart’s Desire’ inside cover

‘The Trail of the Axe’ inside cover


‘How to Be Happy’ should provide hours of interesting reading. It is a book full of short moral readings. It has poems, bits of scripture, and encouragement to be a good person. Pieces are written by people like Frances Havergal and Charles Spurgeon. I think there is a lot by the Author, Grace Gold, too. ( That name makes me smile every time I read it.) Probably a book heavy on “works”, but it may have a few gems of “grace” in it. The gold embellished cover made me snatch it up, so anything good on the inside is a bonus! I plan on going in again since my Mother-in-law said that they will be adding more things as the sale goes on!

This cover makes me happy.

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Free Trial of CreativeBug

You can get a free one month trial of Creativebug. They have some fun drawing classes, and they have other craft classes like sewing, knitting, and crochet. I hope you enjoy!

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Whatcha Wearin’ January 2

Here I am today wearing another Deer and Doe Plantain. This shirt gets a lot of wear and is a favorite of mine! This was my very first Plantain that I made. Ignore my bare feet. I only wear shoes when absolutely necessary! Also, forgive the slightly blurry picture taken by a 10 year old boy. 😉

This will be linking this up to Sewing by Ti’s Whatcha Wearin’ January.


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Whatcha Wearin’ January

I will posting myself wearing a few things that I have sewn for myself during the month of January. ( as in I am wearing it in January. I may or may not have actually sewn it in January.) I thought it would be fun to participate in Watch Wearin’ January over at Sewing By Ti!

This top is the Deer and Doe Plantain in a size Large. It is my go-to t-shirt pattern! After a fba, raising the neckline, and adding a little bit of length, it is perfect for me. It find it easy to make modifications to it and am hoping to make more but with different hem options. The fabric is poly/cotton from the local thrift shop. It really is very pretty, but my camera is not photographing it well. There is no way I am going outside to freeze my buns off to get a decent picture of it!

And I didn’t feel like putting my face in this photo. It was just one of those mornings. 😉

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New Camera! Yippee!

I have moved up in the world a little bit- at least in the photography world. I recently purchased a used Dslr camera off cragslist. It is a Canon 5D, so no spring chicken. ( about 10 years old) The lady was a retired wedding photographer. She didn’t use it as her main camera as it got heavy quickly. A much appreciated friend loaned me two lenses to use until I saved enough moola for another one.

It has been a blast learning how to use it and experimenting with different things. I am in love!  I thought I would share a few photos with all of you. I hope you enjoy!IMG_0430IMG_0568IMG_1778

IMG_1728 IMG_1732IMG_1547

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A Walk Around the Farm


If you go for a walk with me around my little farm you might see…half blown dandelion,


a friendly barn kitty to keep you company,


a frisky goat kid soaking in the sunshine,


a brooder full of growing chicks,


a barn full of hungry goats,



and a bush of sweet smelling honeysuckle.

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Spring has Sprung!






Spring is here in all it’s glory on the farm! The apple trees and lilacs are blooming as are the bleeding hearts. There have been two kids born so far, and I have another doe who has a very large belly! I am thinking she may have twins even though it is her first kidding. Baby chicks are staying warm under the heat lamp. In two months they will be large, meaty birds who will help feed my family through the year.


I have been digging in the garden already. The radishes should be ready soon. I have peas, beets, lettuce, spinach, garlic, and cabbages that are also showing off their new leaves. Last week I planted a new plum tree to pollinate my mature tree. My Mom got it for me as a belated birthday present. My previous plum was girdled by rabbits. I shouldn’t have problems with that anymore. My barn kitties keep them away now. I spent a couple hours today prepping and planting some strawberries. The kids ( children) helped me with that. I am hoping that Richard will get my garden tilled up in the next week or so. Then I can plant beans and other tasty things!

The spring birds are back. Robins, Cardinals, and a Goldfinch are some of the ones I have seen so far. Unfortunately, my kitties spotted a Cardinal, too. There was a pile of red feathers greeting me for chores this morning. There are fewer birds around now that the cats are here. The crows don’t seem much bothered by them, though!

My work list is a mile long. So much to do in the house- sewing, cleaning, school. I really want to make some time to sew. I have made a few things, but just haven’t had time to blog about them. It takes a long time to put something good together! The two older girls had new dresses for Resurrection Sunday. Richie got two new pair of short this week. He doesn’t like to wear pants as soon as it gets over 60F. Outside, I have garden work, spring yard work, weeding, and a brick walk to finish. I started one last summer while I was pregnant. I threw my back out halfway through, and it has sat unfinished since.



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Violet Faye- Four Months!


My little girl is four months old already! Where does the time go? She is so smiley and much loved by her siblings. They love to hold her and see if they can make her giggle or smile. It really doesn’t take much. There is never a shortage of arms eager to hold her!

She is very close to rolling over from back to front. She can do it on the bed since it sinks just a wee bit in. She has not mastered rolling from front to back yet. Mine have all been backwards and done back to front first.




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Pumpkin and Bunny Lily Cropped Jacket Pattern Review

Free Jacket Pattern from Pumpkin and Bunny

This week I managed to get some sewing done! Yay! I am busy working on Lillon’s Easter dress, but I decided I needed a break from it to test an awesome little jacket pattern from Pumpkin and Bunnythe Lily. It was love at first sight when I saw it pop up in my fb news feed! It was just what I had been looking for to go over my girl’s sleeveless dresses to keep them warm in the cooler months.

Free Pumpkin and Bunny Lily Jacket

The pattern is a cropped jacket with long, mutton sleeves. It has a steampunk feel to me! The fit is really good on it. The sleeves are snug, but not too tight. There is lots of nice topstitching detail. All of the seams are enclosed, so the inside looks good, too.


Free Pumpkin and Bunny Lily Jacket Pattern

For the technical details…the seams are 3/8″. The pattern pieces are layered, so you only print the sizes you want to print. The pattern instructions are well laid out and easy to follow. It uses clear photos for the tutorial. If you need any help or want to see more you can join her pattern group on fb. Guess, what??? It is FREE. I think there has been as much or more detail put into this free pattern as a paid one. The Pumpkin and Bunny Lily pattern designer gets an A+ in my book! Get your free Lily pattern! There is also a coupon code for her other patterns. Coupon Code: happy2bunny for 20% off! (Expires Monday, March 21st)

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Dreaming of Spring


The first whiffs of spring are in the air here on the frozen tundra.  There has been several warm days this week and the snow is well on its way out. Will there be more coming? I don’t know, but my mind has turned to my garden. I am thinking of planting some seeds inside to quench my thirst for the soil. I bought a fluorescent shop light at my local hardware store and some lights ( 1 warm, 1 cool) to go with it. I still need to figure out where this is going to go in my house.

Meat chicks are also on my mind. They are fun while they are small and a blessing when I reach into my  freezer in the winter.  I make some killer chicken noodle soup with those homegrown chickens! My layer chicks I bought late last summer are laying now. Fresh eggs daily! Mmm!

Violet is growing into a chubby baby. It makes my heart glad to see a baby with rolls of fat! The other kids are enamored with her and still fight to hold her.

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby


Another thing I am looking forward to this month ( no, not my birthday, though that is this month, too. 34 years old!) is The Heart of a Pioneer Woman retreat. I have never been to something quite like this before. A friend of mine works for the camp and invited me. They are having classes on gardening, cheese making. essential oils, and pie making. I am hoping for some sweet fellowship with other Christian ladies.


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