New Kids on the Block

They have arrived!The new kids are here! The first of the batch arrived on Friday- triplets! All bucklings. 😛 The mama had no trouble and does a wonderful job of taking care of her babies. My yearling had her baby yesterday.

Brown Buck

How Now Brown Buck?

I went down to do morning chores and there he was standing all alone- yes HE- another buckling. Cute as the dickens, though! His mother wasn’t so sure about taking care of him, but I coaxed her into it by helping him eat as she got a little grain. Now she has bonded with him.

When I went down for evening chores there was another set of kids waiting for me! The last of the bunch for this year and they were……….two doelings. 😀 4-2 It is definitely a buck year here. My Mom has had a high number of bucks born in her herd this year, too.

Doe, a goat, a female goat...

I will be selling my doe kids. Three milking goats is all I can handle right now! Richard is already envisioning a BBQ party and him turning a goat over an open fire on a spit. (he did this last year and had a blast) The other will probably end up in the freezer. Goat makes an excellent soup or stew. I haven’t quite gotten the art of cooking it in other ways down. It has to be cooked just right or is tough- like venison.

I have had many people who can not understand how we can kill and eat our own animals. Yes, it can be a little hard if they are sweet and cute- like the little brown buckling, but we make sure not to make pets of them early on. They live happy, healthy lives and are put down humanely- unlike the poor animals that end up in the meat department at the local grocery store.

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2 Responses to New Kids on the Block

  1. Cody Stead says:

    “Richard is already envisioning a BBQ party….” lol Am I invited? :p

  2. Dorothy Stead says:

    You are truly a “Farmer’s Daughter” , Brooke. I’m very pleased that they
    were all born alive and are well.
    You should sell tickets to the BBQ. That would balance your books !!!!!! lol

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