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Well, since we got our chicks last Wednesday I suppose it is about time I post about it! A friend I get eggs from sometimes offered to let me order meat chicks with her. She orders 100! (that means I got to skip the $5 fee for ordering less than 100! Whoopee! :D) We ordered 30 and ended up coming home with 35. I guess they throw a few extra in the big orders so she gave us a few more.

Our current chick nursery. (note the roof Richie made for them)

So far they are doing pretty well.I did lose two-one to unknown causes and another to a roof falling on it.(Richie thought they needed a roof on their house. Needless to say the roof it gone) They are a bit like newborn babies- they eat, sleep, and poop a lot. 😉 They also smell. Right now they are living in the basement in a wading pool and the smell tends to waft up the stairs when it is time for a change of bedding. About another week and I can move them OUT. The plan is to make a small coop in the shed, but I am not sure that is going to happen! There is a large seeder taking up the spot I want to put it! It happens to belong to my Father-in-Law, so I am not sure it will be going anywhere anytime soon. He is probably busy with planting right now. I should probably think up a plan B. Last year I had them in the same part of the shed as the goats, but they would go in the goat pen and drown in the water pail! They would also escape outside and become owl entree’s. 🙁

My plan is to pasture them in my garden during the day and move them to the coop at night. This prevents them from becoming owl food since owl hunt at night and in the early hours of the morning. Right now I am feeding them commercial food. I think when they hit about 5-6 weeks old I will switch over to the non-GMO, organic (I think) feed that the lady who I got the chicks through is using. Seven more weeks till we get some yummy, homegrown chicken!


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