Still going on the 31 Days to Clean!

I have not forgotten the 31 Days to Clean Challenge! It just got put on hold while I had the stomach flu and over a busy weekend. 🙂 Oddly enough the Mary challenges are harder for me than the Martha ones. It is difficult to decide they are important enough to spend time on before I get to my Martha task! (they are important!) The studies for each day are excellent and thought provoking. I liked the interesting study on cleaning and the Curse.

Yesterday was the cleaning out my kitchen drawers. They didn’t take too long. My kitchen isn’t too big. I finished my kitchen tasks today. My floor is almost clean enough to eat off of! For a brief time during naps it was clean enough to eat off of! (I got in a nap today.Woohoo!) It was got down on my knees and gave it a good scrubbing clean. 🙂 Tomorrow we move on to the Living room. Gonna get those curtains cleaned!

A quote I got from the book that needs to be written on my forehead- “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” SallyBerger

Oh, and the book is on sale for a $1 for today.

I will add pictures to this post tomorrow, but I am feeling lazy tonight. 😉

Btw, we are having a goat roast at our house tomorrow! The next update may be on that. Richard is having a grand ol’ time planning on how is going to roast a kid over a fire outside.  We invited a few friends to celebrate with us. Should be fun.



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  1. Trisha says:

    Gotta love clean kitchen floors AND a nap! It sounds like you’re doing a great job with the 31 Days Challenge. 🙂

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