Sorbetto, Anyone?

Free- who can resist thy beckoning voice? While browsing over at one of my favorites sewing sites, PatternReview, I saw a lady who had made up a cute red and white polka dot blouse. She looked so nice in it, and as I read her review it was mentioned that the pattern was free. Of course, I had to hop over to the Colette pattern blog to check it out! At first, it didn’t really appeal to me- a little too old lady-ish, maybe? I tried ignoring it but I seemed to hear it calling my name…it was such a quick and simple pattern…I had the perfect fabric for it just sitting in my stash…then I thought of the fact that I really could use another cute blouse! I broke down and printed it out, taped it together and got sewin’. 🙂 I have just begun to dabble in altering patterns so I tried my (lack of) skills with this one. I used a size 12 through the shoulders and tapered to a size 18 in width and length. ( I wanted it a bit longer and avoided an FBA this way. 😉 ) The basic shell sewed together so nicely! I ended up having to take the sides in a bit, but this was so simple it hardly took any time. After the adjustment it fit perfectly! (WOW! This has never happened before!) Next I spent some time debating over what color bias tape to use. My options were same fabric, red, yellow, or blue. The pattern was a bit busy so I ruled out the same fabric bias tape, then yellow and, finally, out went the red. Blue was the order of the day, and I am quite happy with it. 🙂 The bias tape went on with few glitches and with minimal effort I have another blouse to add to the summer wardrobe. I am definitely going to be sewing another one or two of these!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! These are the types of things I’d hoped to see shared in on the Sewing Bee.


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