Everything is Just Peachy!

Last year I ordered a half bushel of peaches and they were wonderful. It just wasn’t nearly enough peaches for what I wanted to do! This year I was going to make sure I had enough peaches to fill my peachy desires. 😀 I ordered 3 half bushes. I kept them in the basement for the first week- it was our local fair and there was no way I was going to be able to do both. My dear peaches waited until 2 days after the fair to reach the peak of perfection. How is that for timing! Day 1 I canned 7 qts. of peach halves. Peaches are a pain to can. The 2 qts of beans I froze were much easier! That is pretty much all I got done that day except make supper. Oh wait, I forgot I am trying my hand at fermenting a qt. of cucumbers. This feels a bit scary- letting my cucumbers sit in a jar on the counter for 3 days is kinda scary!

Today, day 2,  I unburied the kitchen from yesterday’s peachy mess. (yes, I know, I am bad! All I can say is I was exhausted- doing some sleep training with Eden.)  Today I froze 2 gallons of peach quarters to make smoothies. Yum! These I kept simple  and just sliced them onto cookie sheets and put them in the freezer then into freezer bags. No peeling! I decided my next project would be peach pie filling. Double Yum! After finding a suitable recipe with no tapioca in it, I prepared the peaches. This involves dunking the peaches into boiling water for 30 seconds or so and then into cold water. The skins come right off. ( I am saving these in hopes I can make some peach skin jelly from them.) I sat on my front steps and sliced peaches for a while. I like it when I can do things outside. After those were sliced, I threw the sugar and spices in, put into freezer bags and placed in pie plates. You put these into the freezer, so your filling comes out pie shaped after it is frozen. Once they are frozen you can take them out of the pie plates and stack. Last on my peach list for the day was peach-blueberry crisp for dessert. I can smell it now as it sits cooling on the counter…now does anybody want to come and help clean up?

Oh, and I have to figure out what to do with the half bushel I have left!

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  1. Laura says:

    Enjoyed the post! Let us know how that peach skin jelly turns out, very resourceful!

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