Making time for God’s Word

We are back from our vacation and things are crazy again! It seems like I can never get close to caught up on the things that need to be done. It can very overwhelming at times! I think I need to spend more time working with my children on what they can help me with. One of the things that seems to get pushed to the side when I feel overwhelmed is time in God’s Word. My Bible sits on the shelf and doesn’t get opened for days- or even weeks! 🙁 I can’t even claim to open it on Sundays some days. As a Mommy of little people, there is always someone in my lap and if I am holding my Bible they like to try to grab the pages! Often the sermon is never heard due to a wiggly baby or small child who has forgotten how to sit still. When I am not in God’s Word I can really see the effects in my life. I become moody, depressed, anxious, and lose my temper MUCH more often. My attitude toward my children and husband is not as good as it should be. I think of all the things my children are doing that aggravate me and what my husband could be doing for me and isn’t. I find myself looking for joy in the things of this world and they fail me- as the things of this world always will! When I open my Bible I find my direction and joy in God’s plan for me in His Word and not in the circumstances of my life. My life starts to go back in perspective. My joy is in the Lord and not in my husband, my children, or my accomplishments. These things are just temporary things and not eternal.

Scripture is God’s way of talking to us and prayer is our way of talking to Him. When we neglect either one we suffer- and so do our families! Just think of what our marriage would be like if we never talked to each other or if we only talked to our spouse when we wanted something from them! Our marriage would suffer. We would not have joyful fellowship with one another. The same is true with our relationship with God. Keep the lines of communication open with prayer and Bible reading. Keep your focus on your relationship with God and your other relationships will improve as a result!

The big question I ask myself frequently is ‘How do I find time to read my Bible?’. I know some people will tell you to get up earlier in the morning and read your Bible and pray. If this works for you that is wonderful. I am usually too tired to focus on anything before breakfast and waking up early make me crabby later in the day! Another option is to read your Bible before you go to bed at night. This one doesn’t work well for me either- for the same reason as morning. I am tired! Some other ideas for ways to find time in God’s Word are to read the Bible after mealtimes- before everyone leaves the table. Richard used to do this when Richie was little. Nap time is quiet time at my house and makes for a good time to read. Even my oldest (5) has a required quiet time for laying down and reading or napping.  Other ways to get a bit more Scripture in your life- write it on a card and tape it up above your sink to look at while you wash dishes or in other conspicuous places around the house. You can get Bible verses put to music and listen to them while you work or ride in the car. My kids enjoy listening to Scripture songs! I know they really help me get verses memorized quickly! The Bible on CD might be a good option to listen to while you work, too. Let’s remember to put the Word of God on the top our “To Do” list and watch it work in our life!

When is your favorite time to read your Bible? Got any tips for others who are struggling with a quiet time to study?

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  1. Shanon says:

    Great post Brooke! I like to study late morning but I often put it aside. I will read a verse here and there throughout the day (sometimes). I have a study book that M. Tiry wrote that I will be starting soon and I think that will help because it is structured. I DO read the bible to the kids everyday for school so I guess that counts…..maybe something like that would help to get the ball rolling. It is very hard with little ones.
    Thanks for this post…very insightful on how it works in our life.
    Amen for such a wonderful tool in our hands.

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