Happy Birthday, Richie!

My oldest child turned 6 on Sunday! I am so proud the little man he is becoming. 🙂 The progress he has made in the last year has amazed me. He is so much more mature, better behaved, helpful, and gets along much better with his siblings. He has learned additions and subtraction in school. His reading has really improved over the last year. Reading is something he enjoys and is motivated to do. Richie’s mind is always working on something. He has to improve everything- make it bigger and better in his own mind or on paper. He loves to draw and create new things.  Some days I sit and wonder what he will be like when he is a man. Will he build bridges, share the gospel in dangerous country, or maybe sell used cars? He is a boundary pusher and I pray that he will use that in a good way some day. In the mean time it is my job to teach him how to use his strengths and work through his weaknesses. I love you, Richie!

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  1. Shanon says:

    It is such a blessing to watch them bloom!

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