Pregnancy Week 23

How far along are you? I think I am 3 days or so shy of 24 weeks. Almost to the 6 month mark!

Best Moment this week? My whole week was nice. 🙂 Lots of good moments! Friends visited us. We visited friends. Got to see a movie and go out to with Richard’s parents and some more friends.

Prayer requests? Nope

Baby’s growth?    Good as far as I know!

Symptoms? Sciatica still! It went away for a couple days and came back. yay.  I wake up a lot at night. I should be in good training for when the baby comes!

Medical Stuff? Midwife comes on Monday!!!

Weight gain (or loss)? Haven’t stepped on a scale this week. *Sigh*

Cravings? I could really go for an ice cream bar. LOL! Last night I went out to eat with friends and another lady at the table ordered lemon water. Suddenly, I desperately wanted lemon water! It was good. 🙂

Food Aversions? Nope

What Made Me Cry This Week? Nothing.

Sleep? Ok, but I wake up a lot. I am getting a nap most days. I REALLY suffer if I don’t get a nap! I am as bad as the children!

Maternity Clothes? I am 90% in maternity clothes. I stopped at the thrift store and picked up a couple non-maternity blouses that actually fit, but not for long! I love wearing dresses at this point but don’t have many. 🙁

Movement? I feel like I have a ninja in my belly!

What I miss….  Being pain free.

What I’m looking forward to…. I am starting to look forward to meeting my little belly ninja.

Labor Signs? Just Braxton-Hicks- auto belly exercises. 😀

Thoughts from the family…. Richie asks me lots of questions. “What day will the baby come?” (he wanted to write it on the calendar so he could count the days)

Something I’m Excited About…. Almost to the 6 month mark! I have picked up my crochet hook and started some projects. I made some washcloths (to get me warmed up) and my first baby sweater. I just started a little hat.

Discussion Question… Have you experienced any spiritual warfare during this pregnancy?  How are you overcoming these issues?  How can we pray for you?

I have struggled with depression during the first trimester of three out of my four pregnancies. This last time was not as bad as the last two times. I think it was due to having a brief break from being pregnant/nursing and it being spring instead of the dead of winter. The nausea wasn’t as bad until the last couple weeks of the first trimester when it got worse and stayed worse until 16 weeks when it faded away.  The depression usually hits when the nausea and horrible fatigue hit and I am unable to keep up with the basics of homemaking and taking care of my children. My messy house, naughty children, and neglected husband make me feel overwhelmed, worthless,  and discouraged. The thing that keeps me holding on is knowing that God still loves me just as I am- messy house, naughty children, and neglected husband are all seen by Him and He still accepts me as perfect- thanks to His dear son, Jesus Christ, taking my imperfections and giving me His image. Someone sees me as perfect, beloved, and accepted. Okay, now I am feeling teary! I just couldn’t do it without Him!




My Joy-Filled Life

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Week 23

  1. Heather Sharpe says:

    Congrats on being at the 6 month mark, Brooke! And I’m glad to hear you had a good week. 🙂 With my boys I was super happy and then super moody during my pregnancies, and with my girls I was mostly mellow with bouts of crying spells. I don’t think I had too much pre-partum depression with any of them, but I did have postpartum depression after Aidin was born, and I think I am having a touch of it this time around, too. Which makes sense, since I got an epidural with Aidin and Harmoni, and not the others. I’m really hoping it will ease up and not get worse. I’m trying to take my prenatals everyday so I get those B vitamins in. Not doing well with remembering though. 😛 But nursing around the clock seems to help too. Anyway. Glad you’re doing well and I hope the next few months go quickly for you! How are you feeling about the impending labor?

  2. Sarah Avila says:

    I really needed to hear that last part of your post. I suffer from depression too, and I can totally relate to the feelings of being discouraged and overwhelmed. I loved that you went on to say that God still loves you (and me); I really needed that reminder!

    Thanks for linking up! Glad to hear that you are doing fairly well!!


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