Kcwc: Day 1

I have been meaning to do some sewing for the children, but I have been procrastinating. Things are getting cold outside. This makes me want to sew! Over at Elsie Marley it is kid’s clothes sewing week, and I thought I would join along again this time. I did it a while back, but only lasted a couple days. Hopefully, this time I will make it the whole week!

Today I sewed up two pair of newborn pants from the free sewing pattern over at Made by Rae. We will not be finding out the gender of the baby, so one pair is gender neutral and the other I made with boy fabric. (since I don’t have as much boy stuff as girl) Both are lined with a sweatshirt type fabric for warmth- baby is due in the middle of December and it gets cold here!

The boy pair

The gender neutral pair


Sorry for the not so spectacular pictures. I didn’t have much light to work with and some kiddos were grumbling about empty tummies!

I actually made both pairs of pants longer so I could cuff them up and so they will fit a little longer.  I added 2.5 inches to the bottom of the legs. This pattern is made to fit over a cloth diaper, so I am hoping it will fit newborn- 3 months by letting out the cuff.

The cuff I added to the bottom

Today was fun! These sewed up pretty quickly even with ripping out a leg seam, having to adjust some things on my sewing machine, and breaking two needles. You would think I had never sewn before! Tomorrow I am hoping to make a little jacket and cut out another project. I have lots of options. I just need to decide which is most important. 🙂 Happy Monday and God bless!


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