Pregnancy Journal: Week 32

How far along are you? I am 32 weeks along. (or somewhere around there!)

Best Moment this week? I got to attend a friend’s wedding. She had a pioneer themed wedding, so we all dressed up in our finest pioneer clothes and joined in the fun! I wore a cape most of the time to hide behind. 😉 The fellowship there was sweet. We stayed with my parents that night and got to go to my home church on Sunday morning.
Prayer requests? My husband’s family could use some prayer. I am not going into details, but they could sure use some lifting up in prayer!

What scripture is speaking to you this week? We are reading through Ezra at mealtimes now. I am really enjoying learning about Israel’s captivity. Daniel was the book we just finished and the children had fun with that one!

Baby’s growth Baby is on track for growth and so am I.

Symptoms? The same ones as always. I won’t list them this week. 🙂

Sleep? I have been having really strange dreams lately!

Maternity Clothes? I could use another skirt and a comfy dress. I may do some sewing next week! I have pretty much abandoned pants unless I absolutely have to wear them. 😛

Movement? I soaked in the tub the other night and was watching the baby roll back and forth. It was quite entertaining!

What I miss…. I would like to be able to move without first taking my protruding belly into consideration.

What I’m looking forward to…. Snuggling a newborn!

Labor Signs? Lots of Braxton-Hicks and I did have some contractions that I actually felt in my back. Thankfully they went away!

Thoughts from the family…. Richie keeps asking me how long until they baby is born.

Pregnancy related books you are reading…. I have read a couple birth stories and that is it. Maybe I should read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth again. They have it at our local library. I read it when I was pregnant with my first and it was both educational and entertaining!

Discussion Question:
What major changes did/does being pregnant bring to your life?
Major changes…Hmmm, besides the general aggravating things that can come with pregnancy not much has changed. I think the big change will come when the baby does. I guess I did get my first “big family” comment this time around. My response was ” Why stop when you have a good thing going!” 😀


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  1. Sarah Avila says:

    Your friend’s wedding sounded fun!

    Sounds like everything is going well with the pregnancy!

    I will be lifting your husband’s family up in prayer!


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