Baby Busyness: Part One


My work basket


In my last post I mentioned not getting enough baby prep done, but I did manage to get some things done that I could do while not exerting large amounts of energy- a little bit of sewing and a lot of crocheting! Crocheting is very relaxing for me and I can do it while sitting on the couch watching (listening usually) to what Richard is watching on his laptop in the evenings. He feels like I am spending time with him. 😉 Whatever makes him happy!

The first thing I sewed up was some cloth wipes. The ones I used with Eden were pretty much worn out. I use flannel scraps from making diapers and jammies for the children to make them so they aren’t all the same size. I like not having them all the same since some messes are little messes and some are big. It gives me some options! For those of you who might be interested in making some, but want them all the same size, I have heard that by cutting them 8” by 8″ they will fit in a standard baby wipe container. I cut two and sew, turn, and top stitch.


Baby Wipes


I also have made a few crocheted washcloths since all my little bitty ones have been worn out. I guess I have had three dirty children! Three is what I have done so far. You can find lots of cute patterns for washcloths or dishcloths here.




I have one more currently in progress.  I would love to make some booties, but the last time I tried it didn’t go so well. I never got past the sole! I will be trying again, though.


A washcloth in progress


I even made a couple burp cloths this time around to put in my church bag.  They are very heavy since I used a prefold diaper inside. The original tutorial called for cotton batting, but I didn’t have any, but I think the diaper works just fine. If you want to make some yourself you can find the tutorial at Apple of Mama’s Eye. Maybe I will smell a little less like sour milk with the help of these!

Burp Cloths


Stay tuned for part 2! I have to say creating small things for my Baby is my favorite part of waiting at the end. Now I just need to get my freezer full of food!



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