Hal the Horrible

It has been a while since I have given any updates on my little hobby farm, so here is one! This summer I decided that I would only be keeping one milking doe since new babies can take up a lot of time. The hay shortage due to this summer’s drought was also a contributing factor. I sold three year old Maisy to a family who wanted the milk. Liana is now my only milking doe. I still have her doe kid from this year and she will (hopefully) be bred in January and be milking for me this summer!

Liana has had the company of an amorous buck for the last month. His name is Haliel (or something like that), but I have dubbed him Hal the Horrible.  Meet “Hal”.

Hal the Horrible

He looks very sweet in this pictures, doesn’t he? Now Hal was a bit of a blessing. He has been loaned to me for free and was even delivered! I promised to keep him for 4 weeks. He is a Saanan and his babies should be good producers. That is where the good ends. I was told he was gentle, but he had never been in with a doe. That can change things. On day one he escaped through my electric fence- my fault. There was a wire that had popped off. I fixed the wire while Hal danced happily around the pasture.

The next morning I tried to feed him in the pen while Liana was eating her grain on the milking stand.

Liana on her milking stand.

He kept getting his big head in the way making it difficult to get anything in the dish, so I stuck my hand through the cattle panel to reach the dish with the grain. *SMASH* He crushed my hand into the cattle panel. ouch. No grain for Hal that morning. After that I grained him out in the pasture to prevent smashed hands. I made a mental note to myself to not go into the pen with him.

About one week later, Liana’s doeling, Annabelle, escaped from her little home where I was keeping her since she is too young to breed yet.

Annabelle's temporary home

When I went down to milk that evening, she was in with Hal and her mommy. (thankfully, not in heat!) I let Liana and Annabelle out into the milking area and went in the pen with Hal to lock the door to the pasture to prevent Annabelle from getting back in. As I turned to leave I saw Hal charging me and screamed. ouch. Let’s just say being rammed in the stomach by a 200+lb buck while 8.5 months pregnant was not on my to-do list for the day. Hal ran to the other end of the pen and I escaped much shaken and hurting. Baby was fine or that would have been the end of Hal. He left a bruise as a reminder to not get in the pen with Hal.


A nice view of Hal's horns

A few days later he started getting out of the fence again and spending time hanging out by Annabelle.



Annabelle is cute, but she is too young for Hal. Thankfully, Annabelle was well barricaded. This meant I had to herd Hal back in with Liana. Dear Richard helped me the first two times. We used big sticks since neither of us had a desire to be smashed or skewered.  (One thing to note here for those who know nothing about bucks is that when they are in rut they smell BAD. BAD is even an understatement. The smell permeates your clothing.) We locked Hal in again.

The next morning Hal had jumped the cattle panel in the shed and made a mess of everything. I decided I needed to fix the fence better and maybe he would be happy. As I went out to get the tools Hal put his feet up on the window to get a better look.


Broken window

Thanks, Hal.

After a little bit much more drama of this sort Hal has finally decided to stay put for now. He is going home on Monday and I am thrilled.  My four weeks of torture is almost over!

And I will leave you with some of the more cheerful views of my little farm:


The woodpecker I saw this morning


Happy Chickens

Well, I have just been informed that Annabelle has escaped. Bye for now!


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