Pregnancy Update: Week 37

37 weeks!

How far along are you? I will be 37 weeks tomorrow.

Best Moment this week? My best moment was when I found out Hal the Horrible is going home on Monday!

Prayer requests? I have been battling a bad cold/sinus infection for about 3 weeks now and I am feeling SO tired. I am behind on baby prep and it is stressing me out. 🙁 It is almost gone, but still a bit of lingering congestion, stuffiness, fatigue, and cough.

Baby’s growth? I think baby is running out of room. It hurts when he/she makes big movements.

Symptoms? A bit large, tired, and uncomfortable with some occasional back pain, but the sciatica is mostly gone!

Medical Stuff? My midwife was here yesterday. She says the baby is as low as it can go until labor starts. Blood pressure is 96/68. All is good. Her visit made me realize how little time I have before Baby makes an appearance and I am starting to panic! I have little put in the freezer. The car seat needs cleaning up and the bassinet need setting up. I can’t do that until my bedroom is cleaned up. It looks like a tornado went through it! It gets piles of clothes in it as the children outgrow clothes and as I outgrow clothes!

Maternity Clothes?
My wardrobe is growing and my choices are shrinking! I can’t wait to have a bit more variety in what I fit into! My waist is measuring 46.5 inches- scary!

Stretch Marks? A couple new ones this time. 😛

Gender? I am going to take a guess and say boy, but I said that with Eden and was wrong. It gave me a good chuckle when she was born!

Movement? Yes! OUCH. Some days it feels like Baby is trying to crawl out. Not a good feeling.

What I miss…. I miss being able to roll over without having to move my belly with my hands as I go. 😉

What I’m looking forward to…. Not being pregnant!

Labor Signs? Lots and lots of contractions. Hopefully this means labor will be shorter like with Eden. Honestly, I am really dreading labor this time. I wish I could just wake up and there would be the baby. Yes, I know I am being a wimp!

Thoughts from the family…. My children are excited. Richie often thanks God for the new baby in his bedtime prayers. Eden likes to look at the new baby’s things and say, “For the new Baby!”.

Something I’m Excited About…. At this point it is the departure of Hal the Horrible. 😀

Pregnancy related books you are reading…. I am reading ” Catching Babies” and just finished ” Kisses from Katie”. Yes, I know the last is not pregnancy related, but it was a good read!



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