Pregnancy Week #38

How far along are you? 38 weeks

Best Moment this week? I got to go up and spend some time with my Mom and family for Thanksgiving.

What scripture is speaking to you this week? 2 Timothy 2:13 He is faithful even when we are not.

Symptoms? I am having a little trouble with nausea again, but only when I need to eat something or when I eat nuts or seeds.

Medical Stuff? Nope. Something to be thankful for!

Weight gain (or loss)? I have gained about 36 lbs so far. This is a about 2-3lbs. more than normal for me at this stage, but I guess it might be weird to gain exactly 35lbs. with each pregnancy. I am not going to stress over gaining just a couple more lbs than normal.

My big thing last week was shakes made of milk, frozen bananas, peanut butter, and carob powder. This week it just might be pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is good for you, right? 😉

What Made Me Cry This Week? Nothing made me cry, but my brothers made me really mad. Poor Richard had to listen to me rant for a couple days. I have to admit to being slightly crabby lately. I even got snippy with Richard when we were getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving with my family. Ah, the delights of the end of pregnancy!

Sleep? Yes, I could go for a nap, thank you…

Maternity Clothes? Hopefully, I don’t get much bigger or I won’t have anything left to wear. That could get scary.

Gender? Midwife says it sounds like a boy from the heartbeat, but that is just a fun guess. They said that with Eden, too!

Movement? Still ninja baby in there and I have never had a baby get hiccups so often!

What I miss…. Being able to walk without waddling!

What I’m looking forward to…. Being able to walk without waddling!

Labor Signs? Just my normal Braxton-Hicks. Baby is also really low. I can feel the baby’s head turning sometimes. Ouch!

Thoughts from the family…. Richie is getting excited and thanks God every night for the new baby in his prayers. Richard and I still need to come up with some name ideas! Procrastinators!

Discussion Question: With Christmas a month away, I thought I would ask that you share a Christmas tradition that you do with your family every year.

My Answer: We like to make Christmas Cookies. My favorites are Gingerbread Cookies and Sugar Cookies!


My Joy-Filled Life

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