The Homebirth That Almost Wasn’t Part 2

This is a continuation of Abigail’s birth story. You can find part one HERE.

Billie told me the baby was not tucking her chin and this was causing her forehead to hit against my pubic bone. This was very painful. I kept begging baby to move into the right position! At this point (8am) Billie asked if I wanted to try changing positions- like out of the pool and trying some things on the bed. I was ready for a change after three and half hours of no progress in the pool. On the bed I we tried head down, bottom up to get her to slide back and tuck her chin.

The birthing hormones were giving me hot flashes and then I would feel cold. Sometimes I would get the shakes really bad, too. I asked for my blanket.

“No, not that one. The BLUE one. ”

“NO, the one over there.”


I may have been a little ornery at the time. I may even have been ornery enough to have not said, “Thank you”. I wanted the blue one my Grandma had given me for Christmas when I was 11. I would throw it off during a hot flash and huddle in it when I got cold. There was no laughing and yacking between contractions now. We tried having me sit on the toilet, then we tried straddling a couple chairs. That lasted about a half a contraction! Back to head down bottom up. Billie rubbed my back with olive oil to help with the pain- thank you! My cervix was still swollen at the next check and baby hadn’t made any progress. I was getting pretty tired from almost no sleep for 24 hours. Billie decided that I needed to “rest”. I had strict orders NOT TO PUSH and to relax. She had me lay on my side and try to relax as much as possible between and during contractions. This sounds easy enough but it was one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do. Relax when I feel like I am being ripped apart by contractions??? Billie rubbed my feet to help me relax. Richard took a break to rest for few minutes.At the time I was mad. “It is HIS FAULT I AM HERE. Why does he get to go and sleep???” He came back and cared for me while Billie went and got a sandwich. I was mad about that, too. Laboring women can be a bit unreasonable at times! Richard kept reminding me to relax, but it was frustrating to listen to someone tell me to relax when they were just sitting there doing NOTHING. (If I would have been in a better state of mind I would have nicely asked him to do something that would have helped me relax- such as stroking my hand or rubbing my back, but I wasn’t in the mood for conversation) I also did some praying and was hoping that some other people were, too. I remember thinking, “I hope my Mom is praying for me.” ( She actually was about this time I found out later!)

I would also like to note here that the baby’s heart tones were being checked regularly and they were excellent. I knew she was ok, but wasn’t so sure about myself! I just wanted everything to be over so I could go to sleep! I was starting to wonder if she would suggest a transfer to the hospital at this point and decided in my mind if she suggested it I was going to say, “YES!”. I had reached my point of endurance. Drug me. Cut me open. I could care less. Just make the pain STOP. It felt never ending. In reality we did this about 45 minutes. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was our last resort. Rest, change position again, and if baby refused to tuck her chin and engage we were going to the hospital. Billie asked me what position I wanted to be in- on the toilet again was my request. She told me I could push if I felt like I HAD to. This was very freeing and I think she told it to me just to make me feel better. I was just a smidge pushy at the end of the VeRy. pAinFUL. contractions. If the contractions I had been having for the last couple hours could be rated on a scale of one to ten with ten being your fingernail being ripped out or being set on fire. I think they were a 9.8.Β  After about 15 minutes on the toilet, she said we needed to move to the bed. She held my cervix up again during a few contractions and the baby tucked her chin and moved down. I started pushing like crazy- a little too crazy.

” Are you pushing when it isn’t a contraction?”

“Um, yes.”

“STOP. Wait for the contractions.”

I thought pushing would feel better, but it really didn’t. It hurt, too, and I felt like it was taking too long. *sigh* In reality, it only took about two minutes to get her head out. Now for the easy part- the shoulders always slide right out for me. That is when even more fun started.

“Push! Push even if there isn’t a contraction!”

Billie started shouting out orders, and I started doing them without thinking.

“Get on your hands and knees!”

” Squat with one knee up. Now the other side”

She shouted PUSH a lot in between and I pushed and screamed and pushed. Baby’s shoulders were stuck.

Meanwhile Billie was trying to maneuver down one of the baby’s arms. It brought back memories of being a child on a farm and watching the vet deliver a calf… only I wasn’t watching. I was the cow. In a minute or two it was over. Next to me was a rather blue baby and not breathing. Some of you may be panicking at this point, but this was my 3rd child to need air after being born I wasn’t going to panic as long as the cord was pulsing. Billie gave her a couple breaths and I rubbed her little back. She started breathing and was just fine- all 9lbs 2oz. and 22 inches of her.

She cut the cord when it quit pulsing. Our new baby girl was trying to latch on and the placenta was delivered not to much later. I had orders from Billie not to hemorrhage, and I did my best to oblige.

I always find it amazing how you can go from feeling like you would like someone to shoot you and put you out of your misery to reveling in the perfectness of a new baby.

A brand new Abigail snuggled with me in the Blue Blanket

My Joy-Filled Life

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5 Responses to The Homebirth That Almost Wasn’t Part 2

  1. Heather Sharpe says:

    Oh Brooke, I felt the pain while reading this. πŸ™ I hate HATE those contractions that tear through your body until all you can do is scream — when not even pushing can bring relief. And with each child the pain seems to become more mentally daunting and physically unbearable (for me at least). But your baby is now here and thank God you never have to deliver her again! πŸ˜‰ She is such a treasure. You make beautiful, healthy, plump little babies. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing this birth story, I loved reading it. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet Abigail!

    • Brooke says:

      I think that the actual thought of dealing with the pain is harder for me than actual labor most of the time- this time would be an exception! My pain tolerance is pretty high, but she was in a weird position and that is what was causing the trouble. This seems to be a recurring theme with my labors- wrong position. πŸ˜› The pain was WAY worse than with Lillon with her face presentation. I am VERY glad it is over. I try not to think about it. I think I am in denial it happened. LOL! It will be fun seeing you in a few weeks! I am really looking forward to the Mid-winter Retreat, as always!

  2. Okay…maybe I shouldn’t have read this. πŸ™‚ LOL! I’m 4 weeks from delivering my 4th baby, and will be doing it naturally. Congratulations on your beautiful baby and good work!

    • Brooke says:

      I hope your birth goes well! Do lots of reading on pain management. Going natural is painful, but it is much easier to work with your body’s natural instincts on how to move and what to do! Water is great for pain management. (showers, bath, pool)

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