The Homebirth That Almost Wasn’t.


Who likes birth stories? (Me, me!!!) I do , but I prefer the feel good kind. You know, those ones where the women have two hours of labor and push, then…BANG!…baby gets pushed out. Enter love hormones, milk, and baby cuteness. Sorry, this one isn’t quite like that. If you want to hear one like that you can put in a request for my 3rd child’s birth story- Eden’s. Just a warning, this one got scary in certain parts. Also if you are a guy and can’t handle some detail you may want to skip out now. I won’t get TOO personal, but, hey, it IS a birth story.

I admit that I had been procrastinating badly hoping that it might postpone labor until close to my due date of about Dec. 15th or at least that is when I thought my due date was. My midwife had set up a sliding due date of  the 7th or the 15th, and I decided that I liked the 15th best! I figured that I would probably go about a week early so I had better not procrastinate too much or I would be in trouble. The problem came when I was about 6 weeks from my due date and came down with a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection. I felt end-of-pregnancy exhausted combined with sinus infection yucky tired. Nothing beyond necessary got done for about the next month. After finally shaking the yuckies, I started to slowly work on my before labor to-do list. I did get the bassinet put up and baby clothes washed. I got most of what I needed for the birth and had started on a few freezer meals. I did not pack an emergency “just in case I need to go to the hospital” bag or have all my birthing supplies in one spot. Thankfully, all the dirty laundry had been washed up the day labor started! On to the beginning…

On the evening of November 28th, Richard asked me if I wanted to play a game of Monopoly. How could I refuse? I am always begging to play a game and he is generally not in the mood, so I jumped at the chance even though I felt like I should be working on some baby prep stuff. Richie and Lillon were playing for the first time, so things were going sort of slow, but still it was fun. After playing for about 45minutes I sprung a leak… at least that is what it felt like. My first thought was, “Did my water just break??? I thought that that happened with a gush.” That was about 8:45p..m.I got up to use the rest room. More water. Grabbed something to soak up the water. Richard starts yelling, “It’s your turn! I am going to go for you!”. *Sigh* I didn’t WANT to go into labor tonight. I went into the dining room and told Richard the kids needed to get their jammies on and then told him my water had broken. He seemed far more excited that I was. I called my Mom and she was pretty excited, too. I then had to call my midwife, Billie Jo, and my Mother-in-Law who would be watching the kids. Meanwhile I felt like “the fountains of the deep” had opened up. My sister-in-law had her water break before labor and she had been telling my a few weeks before about packing her hospital bag and the kids bags while waddling around with a towel between her legs. Now I was doing it. I thought it would be one towel, but it was never ending! I was feeling pretty silly.  Richard made a quick run to the grocery store for a couple things that I needed from my birth supply list and some snacks, and then took the kids over since I was not really even having much for contractions. I worked on a few things that I felt like I HAD to have ready. (some house cleaning and washing the car seat) Richard got back and helped me with some things. At about midnight, I put some jammies one and settled in for some rest on the couch. There were light contractions about 10 minutes apart at that point. I think I may have dozed off a couple times for a few minutes but mostly just laid there feeling relaxed. Around 2:20a.m. it seemed like things were picking up, so I called Billie to let her know I wanted her start my way. She lives about 45 minutes away, so I knew it would take at least an hour for her to get here. I did not want to be delivering on my own if it might be one of those speed births you read about. ( and I had actually had a friend have an accidental home birth on her own a few months before!) While we waited, we cleaned out the hose that we had forgotten to get ready to fill the pool. She got here about 3:30 and started to set things up. We picked out few things for the new baby to wear and made sure there were some towels in close reach.

Labor picked up to the point where I was swaying my hips through the contractions and Richard was pushing a little on back to help, but they were still quite manageable. I had Pandora playing soothing music in the background. (classical and movie sound tracks- nothing like Lord of the Rings themes and Beethoven to labor to, right?) Richard and Billie set up the pool. It was a cattle tank she has bought on Black Friday. 🙂 At 4:30 I thought I was starting to get to the stage right before feeling pushy so I got into the pool. Things slowed down quite a bit and the water felt good. Now in my two previous labors things slowed down a little after getting in the pool and then I hit the pushing stage. Things were going just how I wanted them to. I was beginning to think this would be my easiest labor yet. I was feeling pretty optimistic. Mistake. We laughed and talked in between contractions. This seems to help me relax and cope with them better. I even adjusted the settings on my camera between some so Richard could snap some pictures soon after the birth. I was sipping Raspberry tea like a good little home birther. About 5am I felt nauseous and Richard had to dash for a bucket. “Good”, I thought, “transition, any time now”. Things were feeling a little slow, though. I almost felt pushy at the end of contractions. I really WANTED to feel pushy, but things were not progressing fast enough for my taste. I started to complain a little at this point about how slow things were going- I wanted them over so I could move on with life. You know, a nap and some breakfast!

All of a sudden I felt tired. I rested my head against the pool and towel and dozed off a few times between contractions. Meanwhile Richard is sitting on a stool next to the tub helping. I think he dozed off, too, at one point. At 6am, I complained a little more about how long this was taking…Billie offered to check me. I decided, yes, even though she said I would have to be happy with whatever the results would be. I was at 8cm. I could deal with that. At 6:30 I could feel kicking and hiccups! Another check at 7:30 revealed that my cervix was swollen and the baby did not have her chin tucked. There wasn’t going to be any progress until her chin tucked. Billie tried to hold up my cervix through a few contractions to help baby slide down and open it up. Baby did come down and I felt pushy, but a few minutes later she slid back up again!

Stay tuned for part 2…

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  2. Home birth is fascinating to me! Its always interesting for me to hear about women whose water breaks. I’ve never had that happen, not even when it was time to push!

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