Come Away with Me…

Life gets busy. Sometimes you just need to take a little time to recharge and refresh. This year instead of exchanging gifts Richard and I decided to spend some time together. Last week we were able to take a coupe days to be together with just each other and Abigail. We headed north in the snow to the Bayfield/Ashland area to a small bed and breakfast called Inn at Timber Cove. It is a lovely place with little cottages scattered around the yard. It was very pretty with the snow everywhere. I am sure it must beautiful in the summer. It looked like there might be lots of flowers under the snow! The cottage had a vintage feel with doilies and teapots adorning the room. There was NO tv. 🙂

The Cottage

The Room

It was late Wednesday evening when we got there, due to having to buy a new (to us) van THAT MORNING.  I think my favorite part of the Inn was breakfast. It was delivered to our rooms and was homemade. Morning one was blueberry french toast bake with juice, watermelon, and sausages. Morning two was even better with creamed eggs, local apple smoked bacon, cantalope, and blueberry scones.

Breakfast Area

After our hearty breakfast we visited the local museums. One had a resident cat that left my coat covered with cat hair. Bayfield is up on Lake Superior and has a rich shipping/mining history. We had wanted to visit the ice caves, but the ice had broken up the night the morning before. It had been 8-12 inches thick the night before. It had broken up that quickly! We ate lunch along the Bay and watched the Wind Sled go across to Madeleine Island. When the ice isn’t thick enough for vehicle traffic a Wind Sled goes across regularly. The children on the island go to the main land school in it! I took some pictures of the boats after lunch, but I didn’t get too many because the weather turned cold and blustery suddenly. Brrr!!!

Cold and Blowing

Most of the summer things were closed up. Almost everything was “closed for the season”, but we managed to keep busy. We drove along the Indian Reservation and along the Bay. The culture is very much wrapped around Lake Superior.

Tug Boat (I think)

Sailboats up for the Winter

Snow Covered Sailboats

Richard and I stopped at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor’s Center. It had some interesting history on the area mining, animals, and shipping. They have hired a local artist to create a HUGE mural on the walls of the museum. She was working on it while we were there. It was fascinating to watch. I think the mural involved as much tape as it did paint!

Artist at Work


The Lovebirds


And we couldn’t end a post without a picture of our newest model…

The Lovebug

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