It is Finished.

My Sewing Buddy artist card is finished! Yippee!

I know you are all dying to see it, so without further ado…


I know one of the rays on the sun is a bit wonky, but it did that AFTER I sewed the back on. I couldn’t fix it with out ripping the back off. That wasn’t going to happen. My favorite part is the nest of baby birdies in the tree- a last minute idea. I also have a button obsession hence the flower buttons that have come off small outfits that the small people were a bit hard on. I hope my buddy enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for her and as much as I enjoyed hers!

And since I am a bit slow on my projects due to small, cute distractions. My buddy got her card to me first! I know you would love to see it. I was pretty excited to open the package and see what a lovely job Stephanie did on her artist card!

Artist card from Stephanie

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