A story in which I feel a bit stupid.

Goats always make me feel stupid.

I sent Annabelle, my yearling, up to a friend’s house for a month-that- ended-up-being-six-weeks visit with a Nigerian Dwarf Buck named Titus to get bred. It was six weeks due to the gate getting iced shut. I effusively thanked my dear friend for caring for her and letting me use her buck for nothing when I went to pick her back up. I packed Annabelle into the back of our van for our brief ride home and there was a joyous homecoming by her mother, Liana. As I got her settled in I noticed something…

You may or may not remember my post about her brief encounter with Hal the Horrible in November- if you don’t here it is. I claimed she had escaped from her pen, but happily she wasn’t in heat. Well, at least I thought not. She currently has a small udder forming. *sigh*  Something that DEFINITELY does not happen to a doe that is only about 4-6 weeks pregnant- more like 4 MONTHS pregnant.  As I said before, goats make me feel stupid.

Goat gestation period is about 154 days.  Babies should be due in about a month. Her Mama is due in about 2 weeks or so. Hope you are ready for some cute kid pictures!



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  1. Boy, it sounds as if you are about to be very busy! 😉 I would love for you to come and share it on my weekly link up that just went live. http://countrifiedhicks.blogspot.com/2013/03/mondays-with-countrified-hicks-6.html

    Feel free to link up to 3 posts!

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