Its a Wonderful Life

Okay, I forgot to post a picture last Saturday. I DID take one. I just totally forgot to post it!

Rhapsody in Blue

Lillon got her hair cut this week. She had a nasty habit of sucking on her hair. I tried lots of ways to get her to stop but it wasn’t happening! Finally, I told her I would cut it if she couldn’t stop. After a couple days of being horrified by the idea she asked me to cut it. She is very pleased with it and it is easy to take care of. Hopefully, when it grows out a bit she doesn’t start again. Here is her makeover. She is not wearing her glasses in any of these pictures since they were lost at the time.


Back- So Long!


Now I don’t have to nag my little girl, and can enjoy her snuggles without being touched by gross, wet hair!

I thought I would post a “before” picture of my two goats, Liana and Annabelle. Both are due to kid any moment. 🙂 I am guessing Liana will go tonight or tomorrow morning.

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