Making Do, Making Fun

I am a pack rat. Occasionally, I get tired of all the stuff and just start to use up or throw away everything. My stash of clothes to upcycle was a recent target of this desire to purge. It has been sitting there with little activity (except adding new things) for quite a while now. Some things I tossed and others got turned into something. Here are a few tunics/dresses I made for Lillon from my hoard. Lillon and I had a little fun with the pictures this time around!

This blouse my Mom gave to feed my habit. 😉 It was a very tiny shirt with pretty ruffles down the front.  I put some tucks in the shoulders and added a couple buttons to the front. Did I mention we had some fun taking pictures this time around? Lillon really got a kick out of making grumpy school teacher faces! This was a size 18 sleeveless blouse that looked awful on me. I took in the sides A LOT, ruched the shoulders, and made a tie for the waist.Another school marm picture. This blouse is one I “outgrew”. (Thanks, kids!) It was a three quarters sleeve blouse. The sides got taken in on this one and the shoulder/ arms were trimmed down to four year old size. I cut the sleeves off, gather them, and reset them in upside down. I think it adds a bit of fun to the dress.

Lillon requested that I add something to this picture. She likes hearts, so I added lots of them! She’s a little snuggler for sure! I took this blouse in at the seams and cut off the skinny straps it had originally. I made slightly thicker ones from the extra fabric that came off the side of the blouse. I also added little buttons to the front.



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  1. Heather Sharpe says:

    WOW! I am seriously impressed Brooke! Those are some cute dresses/tops. I want to learn how to do that!

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