Missionary Minded

Recently we had have several missionaries visit our church. I missed a couple because I had a new baby, but did get to see and hear the last two. I really enjoy hearing the stories and experiences of those who share the Gospel in other parts of the world!

Ben and Joyce Anderson were here two Sundays ago. The last time Mr. Anderson visited our church was 28 years ago when he and his wife were raising money to go to Africa. Richard remembers the visit. The visit was the hardest day of this man’s life. His wife had stayed home with the people they were staying with because she hadn’t been well the day before. During the ten minute presentation he was giving¬† the phone rang…and rang. The pastor went and picked up the phone only to come out on the platform and tell Mr. Anderson that he needed to take the call. In the office, he heard on the other line, ” Ben, your wife just died.”¬† Needless to say, that was the end of his presentation. He took a few months off to re-evaluate his life and ministry and then went back on the trail of raising money to go to Africa. While doing this, he met his wife Joyce along the way. They have been missionaries in various places since and he is now the director of Things to Come Missions. What an amazing story of how God can make beauty from ashes!


We also had the Killion family come and speak. They have been missionaries to Thailand for the last four years. Thailand is 95% Buddist and .05% Christian. There is a great need there for the Gospel of God’s saving grace! The children in our church were fascinated by the very large millipede that they had brought along with to show. (dead and enclosed in glass, thankfully!) Apparently these 6 inch long bugs bite and it is poisonous! You can get severe pain and swelling where they bite. If you would like to know more about the Killions their blog is here. Please be praying for them as they share the Gospel where most people have never heard of the Bible, the God of the Bible, or of Jesus Christ!

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