San Francisco Here I Come

Not really. San Francisco sourdough starter here I come. I recently acquired some San Francisco sourdough culture from Cultures for Health. I have been curious about making sourdough for a while now, but have been afraid to take the plunge. This week I did. With much fear and trepidation I poured the tiny amount of starter out of the silver packet into my bowl, poured in some water, stirred in some flour and waited. Next day stirred in some more flour and water. Next day stirred in some more flour and water. Next day ,you guessed it, stirred in some more flour and water. It looked bubbly, but their wasn’t enough to make bread.  *sigh* There was enough to make sourdough chocolate chip cookies, though! Yay! They were not super sweet, but were a nice snackable cookie.  Let’s just say I have eaten quite a few of them over the last two days.

Hello, cookie.

The next day I had enough to make sourdough bread. It turned out beautifully! I couldn’t even wait for it to cool down a bit to try it.  Yum. I am so excited to make more!

And in case your wondering, this is what sourdough starter looks like bubbling away on the counter top- sorta like a middle school science experiment.

It's Alive! It's Alive!

The sourdough bread is a hit here. It isn’t nearly as hard to care for as I thought it would be!

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