Schoolhouse Fun!

Saturday I took the kids over to visit out local historical society along with my Sister-in-Law. My Mother-in-Law gives tours over there on Saturdays during the summer and she said she would open the schoolhouse for us that day.  We had a blast playing games and having a spelling bee! They rang the bell, too. The “dunce” hat was passed around and children were threatened with the “switch”.

The schoolhouse was built in the 1890’s. During the 30’s, gentleman was quite taken with the school teacher there, so he decided to buy the school a bell to impress her. It must have worked very well since she married him not too long afterward!

Only unmarried women could teach school. Jobs were scarce and people didn’t want jobs to be taken away from those who need them- single women and men, and men supporting families. They also felt it was important for women to stay home and care for their children.


Should you ever be traveling through Adams County Wisconsin on a Saturday afternoon stop by for a tour of the Dr.’s House and see the Niebull Schoolhouse!


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  1. Cool opportunity! I bet your kiddos loved it!

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