Lots of Growing Going On Here

Seems like everything around here is growing at hyper speed around here! The children, the chicks, the turkeys, and the weeds are all getting bigger.

Abigail is about seven and a half months now. She is rolling all over the place and just beginning to be able to sit up for a short amount of time without falling over. We are still waiting on that first tooth, too! Here is a picture of her with Daddy. Sweet baby of mine!

Richard has been working hard on a sun porch for my turkey poults. That is what happens when a gal checks out Storey’s Guide to Raising Turkeys from the library and her husband gets a hold of it! He really did a nice job! The support beams are actually small pines that fell over in our woods. He peeled the bark off them, dried them, and treated them! Here it is with some turkeys in it:

Oh, wait, wrong turkeys…

Let’s try again:

My cornish cross chickies are doing well, too.  I am hoping to put them out on pasture when the goat kids are gone.It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow! If you look closely you may be able to see the laying chicks that are in with them for comparison.

This is before I fed and watered them for the evening. They always have to knock everything over and make a mess! Like little children…

I still have my goat kids. I think I will keep the doeling this year. The children have named her Daisy. It seemed appropriate since she is white. Only two weeks left for the bucklings. By the time they get to be 4 months old I am SO HAPPY to be rid of them! Richard is planning on doing a goat roast again this year. He uses a spit to cook one all day to perfection. This will be the fourth year he has done it. It took two years to figure out what it took to do it, so it was a  bit tough. Last year was good, though!

Guess what this is…

If you guessed “the weeds” you are right! I do have a garden in there somewhere. I was planning on getting it back under control this week, but the mosquitoes hatched out this week. This isn’t just a few mosquitoes, this is an army of mosquitoes.  I worry that they will carry away my children some days!

Leaving you with one last picture. I couldn’t resist.

Have a blessed week all!



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  1. Carmen says:

    I love the picture of your “turkeys”! The birds and goats too :).

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