A Long Overdue Update

I’m sorry I disappeared for a while! Life just sort of took over- the garden, the animals,  the children, life in general. We were blessed with a super duper apple crop this year. I put up about 45 quarts of applesauce. The kids are super helpful and love to use the food mill, so this goes pretty fast now. We also froze plenty of apples. I think we got about 7-8 bushel off out trees and those were just the best ones. There were lots of wormy ones that we left for the deer! I was also blessed with an abundance of fresh produce. We still have a few sun pickles left in the fridge!


I also wanted to show you the results of our meat chicken and turkey adventure.

Aren’t they beautiful!? They averaged in the 4.5-5lbs range at 8 weeks- not huge, I know. We had no health problems, and didn’t lose any of our meat chickens! We decided not to butcher them ourselves. There is a nice place that does them for $2 a bird not too far from us and they do a spectacular job. Our birds were very clean when we got them back. They pulled the birds out of the back of the van and started on them right away. There was a little boy who was about 7 helping. His job was to get the birds out of the cage and put them in the killing cones. I was amazed at how well he did his job and there was no complaining. It only took about 15 minutes from start to finish for our birds to get processed! We are still enjoying the 25  that ended up in our freezer. There is just no comparison to what you buy in the grocery store! They are so much more delicious!

The turkeys we processed ourselves. We did two at 12weeks, four at 14weeks, and two at 16 weeks, so we would have several sizes to choose from.  The 12 week birds were in the 13-15lb range and the 16 week birds were in the 22-24lb range!  We had trouble with the 16 week old birds- it was hard to find a pot that was big enough to scaled the feathers off. The pot we had didn’t quite work, but we made due anyway. Some of the feathers were hard to get off!  I will be keeping an eye for a turkey deep fryer at the garage sales thus summer.

The two biggest birds were used for Thanksgiving. One went to Richard’s parents and one to mine.  I actually enjoyed the turkeys. They were mild mannered and other than being a little stupid were pleasant to work with. They would follow me everywhere with the food and were not aggressive in any way like meat chickens can get about food. They also have a pleasant “chirp” they make.

Anyway, sorry for disappearing! I hope you enjoyed the “food” update. Let me know if you want a sewing update. I actually have pictures of sewing projects I *meant* to share, but just didn’t get to it!

The Chicken Chick


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