Eggcellent Eggs

With the sudden change from weather that would make the abominable snowman shiver to 30’s and sunny, our chickens have started laying again. This makes me VERY happy! I had been getting eggs from the store to supplement the three a day we were getting from the chickens. ( only two if you take out the one that was frozen)  Now we are getting six!

The first day it warmed up I found two MONSTER eggs in the coop. They don’t really fit in the carton- I can’t even close it with them in it! Feast your eyes on this beaut-


I couldn’t resist comparing them to the store bought “large” eggs that we had in the fridge. The littlest egg in the carton is a banty egg. It isn’t too much smaller than the “large” egg. I think we are being deceived by the egg industry. 😉


I bet you are wondering what happens when you crack open such a huge egg. Can you guess what was inside? Nope, not a Pterodactyl! This:



Yup! It was a double yoker! I actually got TWO double yoked eggs. Richie and Lillon had the privilege of eating out first double yoke eggs. They were quite pleased.



The Chicken Chick


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