Fun Links

Today I thought I would share some fun links with you that I have run across this week.


A large page with links to FREE downloadable books of all sorts. (of ALL sorts!)

A website put together by Native Americans. It has legends and other interesting information if someone is studying Native Americans.


The website for Grace Bible Church in Chatanooga, TN. They have a women’s page with studies. My favorite is a list of Bible verse to quote/teach to children to teach them to apply the Bible to their lives. I printed this list out and am hoping to work on it! (me and the kids!)


Part two in a series on how to teach children to sew with a machine from Mouse House. She shares some nice printables! I am hoping to start Richie and Lillon sewing soon!


Other fun stuff:

I really enjoyed this lady’s beautiful photography of her children and farm animals!

I made some elderberry syrup this week! My kids just keep getting sick. I am hoping to get their immune systems built up again!



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2 Responses to Fun Links

  1. Thank you, Brooke!
    I do hope you are on the road to getting everyone well…
    I am enjoying your blog and LOVE the photo in your sidebar (the baby with the 1 Peter 2:2 passage). God’s best blessings to you and yours!

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