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A Belly That Has Loved Four Babies and Needed Some Love Back

Just a little heads up… I am involved in a great online fitness program I would like to share with you soon. I am still working on a post about it, but I think it will be interesting to some of my readers! Right before I got pregnant with Abigail I learned about something called diastasis recti and its effects on the body. It is a separation of the outer abdominal muscles- your rectus abdominus¬† muscles.¬† They help hold you upright and keep your organs in place. If they are separated it can cause a whole host of issues- issues with your pelvic floor, prolapses, urine leakage while coughing, sneezing, laughing,etc. abdominal hernias, back pain, herniated disks, protruding bellies, and even constipation! Now I don’t have all or even most of those issues, but I know a lot of ladies who struggle with them,¬† I have been working on healing my separation for about a year now, off and on, and I can see a huge difference! Last week I started up with an online abdominal rehab program to speed things up a bit. I have before and after pictures and everything! Can’t wait to share my story with you, but you will have to wait a little bit yet!

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