Cloth Tots CD Pants Pattern

Lace and Piggies

Last week I got to test out a new baby pants pattern, the Cloth Tots CD Pants. CD stands for cloth diaper. 😉 I have been in the tester forum for Cloth Tots for a while now and have been waiting for these! When you cloth diaper, regular baby pants often don’t work.  The rise is shorter and you don’t have the volume needed for that bulky diaper. Usually you can get away with knit pants, but who wants to limit themselves totally to knit??? So here is a brief review.


  • The instructions were simple and easy.
  • The pants whipped together in no time. The longest part of putting them together was the lace I added.
  • They fit over cloth diapers. If you have REALLY bulky diapers I would recommend you use knit fabric, but for “average” cloth diapers woven fabric works great.
  • They aren’t just for cloth diaper children!


  • These were quite long. This is a great thing if you have a long legged child. Mine tend toward average to short legged…lots of short people in my family! They were actually about 2″ too long for Abigail.  They good news is that they should still fit her in a year.

These pants would be great for a beginner or advanced sewist.  The Cloth Tots CD Pants Pattern comes in sizes Newborn to 4T. You can find out more about them HERE if you are interested.

Minus the Baby




Laying is fun, too.

*This post is purely my experiences and opinions. I was not paid or reimbursed in any way for it.*

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  1. Thanks for leaving me many sweet comments on my blog! I have to say, these pants are adorable. Definitely a bonus for it to work well over a fluffy cloth diaper bum! I’m pretty new to sewing and haven’t branched outside of straight lines yet 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      Straight lines are just the beginning! Start with simple projects and slowly add more challenging ones. Children’s pants are a great project for when you are feeling confident with your straight lines. This pattern only has one piece and most pants don’t have more than two pieces.

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