Tummy Talk 4: Halfway Through the Tummy Team Update and Review

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I left off my last post with the mention that I was beginning “Abdominal Rehab”. The program I am doing is online physical therapy with Kelly Dean of the Tummy Team via video and a Skype session or two. I have just finished week four and am entering week five. Starting out I had a 6-5-4 diastasis. Apparently, I have been doing A LOT of things wrong to get in such bad shape. My motivations to heal and strengthen are a weak back (goes out), occasional sciatic pain or chronic during pregnancy, a protruding belly that made it difficult to find clothes that fit, and a couple of very unpleasant pregnancies and deliveries! Now to the stuff you are probably interested in…what I have been doing!
The program is 8 weeks long. It starts out with some very basic belly exercises that work on breathing and posture. You wear a “splint” over your tummy. It felt pretty easy at the beginning, but I had some shoulder and neck stiffness by day 3. Even after only one week I was already seeing some progress! Each week you are introduced to more concepts and exercises. The stretches that are in some of the lessons were just what I needed. I tend to hold tension in a lot of places! You can only see the weeks you have done- there is no access to the weeks ahead! This makes it sort of exciting to see what you will be doing at the beginning of each week- like opening a present of strength and better health! It also takes away the temptation to work ahead and overdo it or be overwhelmed. Some weeks are harder than others just because of the way, as a woman, my body fluctuates even over the course of a month. ( Know what I mean?) Bloating was an issue at one point and it was a bit discouraging, but I knew that
things would settle back again soon and they have.
Today was my Skype session with Kelly. My first Skype session with anyone EVER. I wasn’t sure how it would go. I didn’t come into it with a lot of questions,but I learned a lot! Kelly helped me check my belly again. I am a 5-4- almost closed. Progress is a wonderful thing! It feels good to know I am healing. When I first started I never thought I would reach this point! Here I am making more progress than I thought possible! Most of my diastasis is right around my belly button area- an upside down tear drop shape starting about two finger widths above my belly button and tapering to almost nothing a few finger widths below my belly button. Kelly gave me some great insight into things I could do to improve more quickly and some things I was doing a good job on. My posture has improved hugely, and I have lost about 1.5-2″ off my belly button area.  Not bad! I am excited to see what the next four weeks will bring!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is my progress so far.
If you want to check yourself here is how.


How to check Yourself for Diastasis from fit2b.us on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to Tummy Talk 4: Halfway Through the Tummy Team Update and Review

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh my word! You look amazing!! You’re encouraging me to keep at it (and also to keep losing the extra weight I have on me) because I wanna look that good in yoga pants too!

  2. Patty says:

    I’m so happy for you; you’re making great progress, and quickly! Doesn’t it feel good to see your hard work paying off, not to mention, making you look and feel great?!

    • Brooke says:

      I am feeling so much better! I can’t wait until I am to my “healed” point so I can just do maintenance stuff. I am a bit tummy obsessed right now. 😉

  3. Progress is always a good thing, keep it up! My gap is worse where yours is too, above the belly button. I’m curious why that is?

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks! I wish I knew why mine is bigger there, too. It seems like a weird spot. I do know my babies liked to did their elbows and knees into that spot when I was pregnant- possibly because it was the weakest spot.

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