Death on the Farm (Warning: Photos May Be Disturbing to City Slickers)

Inspector Cluckseau

It seems to be that every predator’s favorite food is chicken. We always lose at least two birds a year to predators. One year we lost thirteen. Yes, thirteen. Those owls that are all the fad are quite fond of chicken. I am not fond of owls. I did manage to outwit them, though, and haven’t had much trouble since. Usually, we lose one chicken to a hawk. Something chewed through plastic chicken wire to get to one last summer. I don’t recommend plastic chicken wire. Get the real thing.

This morningĀ  I sent the children out to get the eggs. They came running in out of breath.

” Mom, one of the naked neck chickens is dead!”

When I got down to check on the chickens, I found one dead and one wounded.

The Scene of the Crime

Something had killed it and tried to pull it through the slats of the turkey coop that is right next door. The chickens sleep on a beam between their coop and the turkey coop. (currently empty) From what I could gather by the evidence, something must have spooked the chickens. When they flew down, it caught them and proceeded to try to pull them through the slats. They are a bit too big fit through the slats. It nibbled on what it could get at. The culprit also managed to slash up one other chicken pretty badly.

The Witnesses

The wounded chicken looks pretty tough. It had blood all over its head and some good sized gashes on its wing and leg. It is currently residing in an old, covered laundry basket in the basement. It did eat and drink a little and escaped before I covered the basket. When I put it in it didn’t look like it was going anywhere, but I suspect when it saw my sorted laundry it thought it looked far more comfortable than a sheet of newspaper. I cleaned the chicken’s wounds and put some salve on and cayenne. We will see how it is in the morning. I think if it makes it through tonight it will be okay. Either way, I don’t think she will be giving me much information to go on.

Poor Chicka!

Whatever did the attack also was eating some dead mice that drowned in a bucket of water and lives in the storage part of the shed. It left some tracks for me to follow, so I know it is a small, four footed creature. I got a somewhat hard to see picture of its tracks. Any ideas? My Dad thinks it is a weasel.

The Evidence



“It” got my other rooster this morning. After some more thought, I am thinking I may be dealing with a ‘possom.



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2 Responses to Death on the Farm (Warning: Photos May Be Disturbing to City Slickers)

  1. TommyD says:

    You might get a motion activated game camera, or you could use a wireless PC camera with a motion detector. Got a dog? Traps might work, too.
    Can you throw the torn up chicken in the stew pot?

    • Brooke says:

      We don’t have a dog. We live close to a highway and our last dog kept going to on it to eat road kill. We had to get rid of him so he wouldn’t get hit and someone driving wouldn’t get hurt. It was too bad, because he was great with the animals and we had no trouble then! Now I am over run with rabbits, gophers, and other varmints! I am going to check around to see if I can borrow a trap from a friend. Mine is too small. I am currently trying to save then injured hen since she belongs to my son. I think she is doing better today. Thanks for all the advice. I will look into the suggestions.

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