Flashback: Baby Development Milestones

The other day I was going through things on my Facebook wall and cleaning up a bit. I found this note written when my firstborn, Richie, was 13 months old. He was quite the terror then. I often wonder how we both made it through alive during those early years. He is now almost 8 years old! Since Abigail is now at this stage, it was fun to read, and I thought you might enjoy some desperate Mommy humor, too.

You have exactly .25 seconds to snap that picture...

“Rolling over, crawling, walking…these are all the main milestones people tell you about when you are pregnant or watching your new little one grow. There is one milestone they neglect to tell you about…perhaps to prevent the extinction of the species. 😉 Climbing. Climbing is the milestone they never tell you about. It comes soon after walking and quickly becomes an obsession. Your life will never be the same. Baby can now climb on the chairs, the sofa,coffee table, in fact, almost anything now. You now spend your waking hours making sure your suicidal toddler does not have to spend the day in the emergency room. His pasttimes now include making flying leaps from the coffee table to the couch or swiping cottage cheese containers to use as a stepping to stool to reach the organ bench and beyond. The dining room table is no longer a safety area. You turn around see your child running gleefully away with a paring knife in his hand. Here Richie, Richie, nice Richie, give Mamma the knife…Of course, endless hours are spent teaching little Richie that he is absolutely NOT allowed to climb on the table. Even if there are fun things up there like the telephone, a pitcher of water, Daddy’s Bible, etc. I must admit I have things easy. My Mother claimed that I climbed to the top of the grain auger at 18months, and I believe there are several similar stories that I will refrain from mentioning. They might damage my credibility. ( Like the one where I thought I could fly…) So new mothers, take heed and rest while you can, because it is your last opportunity. Never ending vigilance is coming soon…”

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