Random Update

So lots of little things are happening, but not enough to warrant a post of their own.

The chicken in my basement died.  That was somewhat expected. Chickens just don’t handle trauma well. The rest of the chickens were moved in with the goats for their safety. No more have been killed, but they are driving me nuts! I am trying to trap the critter that killed the others. A friend loaned me a live trap that I am hoping works soon! Something is taking the food but not tripping the trap. I WILL catch it…one of these days. After it is caught, I can move the chickens back in their coop…after it is fixed.

I let my goats out for some sun and fresh air the other day. They escaped and knocked the door off the coop. One of them, Liana, likes to head butt her reflection. Thankfully she just knocked the door out and it isn’t broken!

The baby goat I rescued is doing well. Her owner named her “Hattie”. She is growing by leaps and bounds!

My camera died. ( A Canon sx20) I kept getting a lens error. I tried to take it apart and fix it, but I am not so mechanical. I never got to the lens. After about 40 screws, I gave up in frustration and put it back together. It still doesn’t work. I also came up with 4 extra screws…Time to save up for a new camera! In the mean time, I have to use a cheap one that was given to me about 9 years ago.

I made up a couple fun things for a friend this month. It was her birthday! She got a pouch and a “princess” headband. The girls also made her some pictures.

I picked up some fun patterns at the thrift store! They were on sale for between .05 and .25. They were so cute that I couldn’t leave them there! I probably already have more pattern than I can sew up for my children. These are all size 2 except for the ties. The tie pattern is missing the instructions. Oops.  The book in the upper left hand corner has sewing skills for making little girls clothes!

Spring is slowly coming here. We can see patches of the ground. This week we should have some rain. That should help the snow go away! After that it is supposed to warm up into the 40’s and 50’s. Oh bliss! Spring flowers are much needed this year!

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