Just Peachy ( or How to plant a tree in a hundred easy steps)

My birthday was recently. ( okay, maybe not. It was 2 months ago, but the tree just came recently.) My Mom asked me what I wanted and one of the things I requested was a peach tree. Growing peaches is pretty iffy in zone four, but I decided I want to give it a try. The tree I got was “Contender”. It is cold hardy to zone four, though we will see if that just means “will be alive when winter gets through” or if it means “it will thrive and bear fruit”.

Contender Peach- Will you grow for me?


The first step in planting my new tree was finding a spot. ” Richard, where can I plant a tree where it won’t get run over or mowed over?” He waved in a general direction and said, “Over there somewhere.”  Hmmm…okay.


Step two was gathering tools and children. They wanted to help me. I rarely refuse help!

Children and Tools gathered


Step three: Dig a BIG hole. Richie enjoyed helping me dig the hole. The girls made sure it was deep enough.


"Is it deep enough, Mom?" Not quite...


A little deeper…


"Now, Mom?"


Yes, that looks good. Now where did we put that tree?

Step four is the part we have been waiting for! Put the tree in the ground. This is where those extra hands come in errr…handy. 😉 Richie held the tree straight for me, and we started step five…


My littlest helper


Add lots of dirt and water! The wheelbarrow holds dirt and aged manure. We alternated dirt, manure, and water.


LOTS of water

Ta Da!


Impressive, huh!


Okay, not quite done! We didn’t get it mulched. It started pouring rain. I packed the kids and tools and made a mad dash for the house!


I have to add this picture, because it is just too cute to l eave out!


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