Kid’s Clothes Week: Days 3,4,and 5

The goal during KCW is to sew an hour a day for your children. I am not sure if I made an hour or not on Wednesday, but I picked out the pattern and fabric. I also cut it out. The material was from a dress I had picked up to use a LONG time ago. It takes a little longer to cute out something from an re-purpose item, but sometimes you make it up during the sewing stage. I was able to use the original hem on the skirt, so no hemming again! Yippee!

My pattern is the Miss Madeline dress from the Handmade Dress. I won the pattern in a giveaway. I was quite thrilled. The pattern is a pretty simple peasant dress. It sewed up fairly quickly. I sewed most of it Thursday and worked on the waistband and elastic today. The skirt on mine might be a little wider than the original since I used the existing skirt and it is cut on the bias. This makes the drape really nice! My only problem was that the original brown trim on the dress was not usable. It had faded in some spots. I found a pair of brown pants in my re-purpose pile that matched nicely. Unfortunately, I realized after I had sewn it on that it was a bit too heavy and doesn’t look as nice as I had hoped. It is a play dress so not a big deal. Lillon is quite pleased with it and had a ball posing for the pictures! She wanted to wear the necklace she purchased recently some money she got from Great-Grandma her birthday. I think she looks irresistibley sweet in these pictures. It makes my Mama heart swell up with love!


kid's clothes week


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  1. Elaine Wilson says:

    Great job on the coat Brooke! It was good to see you today.

  2. Elaine Wilson says:

    Love the dress!

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