Kid’s Clothes Week: Days One and Two

It is hard to believe it has been so long since my last blog post. I keep thinking of posting, but I ran into a series of “difficulties”. My nicer camera died- a “lens error”. *sigh* Now I have to use a small, cheap camera that my Mom gave me when I was pregnant with Richie over EIGHT years ago. I am thankful I have something to take pictures with! My battery charger also died. No pictures with the cheapie camera for a while, either. Yeah,  I am a little slow so it took a long time to get a new one. After a trip to Walmart, I have a new battery charger and an ancient camera so I am good to go! You don’t want to hear me boohooing anyway. 😉 On to the sewing!

The theme for Kid’s Clothes Week this year is “Kid Art”. I didn’t follow the theme. I think all sewing is an art. I just made a list of things my kids needed and went from there. Abigail needed some warmer pj’s. I didn’t realize we were going to have such a cool summer, so I thought she could get by with just a onesie most of the time. The weather did not cooperate ( thankfully!) and it has been BEAUTIFUL- mostly between 70 and 80 degrees. I am in heaven!

For the Peachy Pj’s I used two different patterns. The shirt on the pj’s is made from the Fast Stash Onesie pattern. It is a pretty basic pattern and after the first one went together pretty quickly. The bottoms are made from the Leena’s Leggings pattern. It is FREE. Can it get better than that? I added cuffs to the bottom for longer wear. The peachy fabric is something I picked at an estate sale in a box of sewing goodies. Estate sales are wonderful for finding fun sewing stuff! For some added fun I took a monkey I cut from a worn out stained t-shirt and stitched it on the front. I am in love!

Lookin' good in the Peachy Pj's

"Do we have to take pictures?"


For the purple pj’s I used the same patterns but changed things up a bit. I hacked the shirt pattern up and turned it into a long sleeved raglan. The fabric is a wonderfully soft t-shirt that has been in my re-purpose stash for too long. I wish I had pj’s made out of it! I used a purple thrift store t-shirt for the leggings. It made for a really quick sew since I was able to use the t-shirt hem for leg hem. NO HEMMING! Yay!

Snuggling with Teddy

Too cute for words!

Also sitting in my re-purpose pile was a tube top I picked up for just such a purpose as an adorable baby t-shirt. This was also a hack of the Fast Stash pattern. I just shortened the pattern so it didn’t have the snap bottom on it, and re-used the pretty, wide hem on the bottom of the boob tube. The bra lining had enough fabric to make the collar.

No more Pj's!

This is my favorite thing I made up this week. The coral color makes me smile every time I look at it.  Abigail wore it to a party already! We had a cookout last night with friends for some visiting missionaries to South Africa. They were so nice and had a baby Abigail’s age. There ended up being a whole pile of kids there. The adults were vastly outnumbered! I have a dress on the cutting table for Lillon, so hopefully I will get that up here, too! I also am hoping to give some updates on my critters and garden soon.
kid's clothes week

Are we done, yet?

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