Busy Season

Summer is always a busy season for us. We usually have a good size garden, meat animals, and some ministry/Bible conference stuff, and the county fair to fill our time in the summer.

These got even taller! The woodchuck knocked over a bunch of them and ate the tops, so it was a small bean harvest. 🙁


My garden has done well this year and I had little trouble with it until a tree crushed our garden fence earlier this summer.. This left great access for our local wood chuck family. They happen to LOVE things like lettuce, bean plants, dill, cucumbers, peas, cilantro, and carrot tops. I do not love them, though. In fact, I could truthfully say that I passionately dislike them! I tried to get my furry enemy out several ways, but they just didn’t work until last week when it abandoned its three burrows for no particular reason that I could see! YAY! Richard cut up the tree, so I can repair the fence. I also have plans to repair some spots where the rabbits can get under, and I need to figure out what is eating my tomatoes now…but there is NO WOODCHUCK.

Earlier this month was our county fair. I always enter lots of sewing stuff and photography. This year we also did a homeschool booth for our local homeschool group and a personal homeschool table. The kids competed against their cousins and the pastor’s kids. We got 3rd place out of 3 people. Ha! Can’t win them all. 😉 It was our first year, so it was all for fun. Watch out for us next year. We will be prepared. Muhahahaha! Richie and Lillon showed zinnias and each sewed a pillow. Our whole family enjoyed the demo derby. It is a family tradition for the Sunday afternoon of the fair. After we go home from the demo derby we know the fair is over until next year.


One thing that I am excited about is the new farmer’s market that just started in town. I was even more excited when I found out that vendors could sell for free the first season. I think it started at the end of July, but our first week was last Wednesday. I sold hair bows, headbands, and girl’s gingham aprons. I will try to get some pictures up soon. Richie and Lillon sold zinnias and basil. A couple friends of mine were selling there, too, so we didn’t get lonely.The first market was pretty slow. I sold 5 things, but the kids did okay with their stuff. They want to go again! The local extension office had someone make salsa from the things the vendors were selling. It was so good that I had to go and buy stuff to make my own! Nothing beats garden fresh salsa!


Richard has been speaking quarterly at Berean Bible Church Chippewa Falls, WI for their Timothy Sessions. They have a marathon of preaching and several younger men doing it.  If you know of any young men who would benefit from some preaching practice and some learning please encourage them to join in! If you would like to hear Bible teaching online, Richard has a podcast( see top right corner of this page) or you can listen to the messages from the conference HERE.

I thought I would end this post with a pictures of my turkeys. They were hanging out at our campfire and would not leave us alone!



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