Winter and the Animals

This year's buck


This winter I had more animals to overwinter than any so far since I was a living at home with my parents. My parents had lots of animals, so I did spent lots of time in the barn in the winters as a teen! I started the winter with 8 chickens and 4 goats.

My Mom sent a buck with me in September for breeding my does. The plan was to use him for breeding the butcher him , so we wouldn’t have to feed him all winter. He was very mild mannered to the point I wasn’t sure any of my does would get bred! They beat him up. He eventually got a little bigger and it looks like he got the job done. My oldest, dominant doe is getting pretty huge baby belly and she is not due until March! Daisy, the youngest doe, just started getting a tiny udder. I am not sure when she is due. I never saw her go into heat.

Annabelle is the middle doe and was the only one in milk last year. She was bred for late February, I think, but miscarried right before Christmas.  She seemed to handle it well. She went into heat a week later…and then again a week and a half later…and again in another week and a half! I noticed this week that she has been shivering even though it is pretty warm here for this time of year. Her temp is low for a goat, 100.5. This is not a good thing! Normal is 103-104.  After a call to my Mom ( I have yet to meet a vet who knows as much about goats as my Mom!), I put her on penicillin, raspberry leaves, and vitamin B shots to help her along. I think she may have a low grade infection due to her miscarriage. I started yesterday and she seems to be looking better already. I will take her temp tomorrow to see if it is back to normal. I would hate to have anything happen to her. She is such a good tempered goat.


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