My Three Favorite Places to Buy Garden Seeds



Every year I try to grow more of our food on my own. While I don’t always reach that goal- think woodchucks, rabbits, potato bugs, and blight- it is something I strive for. The taste of food grown in my own garden puts the grocery store veggies to shame, and I know I am getting more vitamins and minerals in every bite from food that goes straight from the garden to my plate. I thought I would share some of my favorite places to buy garden seed. Most of the places I buy are try pretty hard to sell GMO free seeds and untreated seed. I like to buy open pollinated seed for most of my fruits and veggies, but just because it is nice to be able to save the seeds if I want. I have nothing against hybridization. Having tried open pollinated corn, I am thankful for hybrid sweet corn!

You can click on the links or the photos to go to the websites.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed:

Baker Creek seeds is all organic, open- pollinated, and non-GMO. They test for GMO content in their seed. I really enjoy reading through their catalog. It is the most beautiful one out there! The photos are just gorgeous and their descriptions full of information. They also have some rare and unusual seeds you probably won’t find somewhere else. Think bananas, coffee, and passionflower!




Fedco Seeds:

Fedco is a co-op. You can buy a share in the company and get a discount if you buy a lot of seeds. My local food co-op orders from them, so we get a good discount on the already reasonably priced seed. They have a nice variety of seeds.All are non-GMO. Some are organic. They have both open- pollinated and hybrid varieties. I have had good success with the seeds I have gotten from them. They sell tree, tubers, and tools, too. Their catalog is pretty plain with newsprint type pages and goofy illustrations, but it has helpful hints and has a personality all its own!

fedco seeds logo


Pinetree Garden Seeds:

This is the catalog I ordered from most before I found Fedco. There catalog is a nice, color catalog, good info, and their prices are reasonable. They also sell some bulbs, small plants, tubers, books, and soap making supplies. They offer some organic seed, lots of open pollinated varieties, a generous amount of hyrbid seed, and they do not buy GMO seed. There is also a lot of variety to choose from! I like that they have a small, friendly feel to their company.



Hopefully, my short list was helpful to you. I would like to add that I am not an affiliate for these companies. They are being shared because I think they are good companies with great service and products!

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