Pollywoggles Drew and Jesse Pajama Pattern- Testing

Last week I got to sew up a pair of soft, warm pj’s. Pollywoggles Patterns was looking for testers and my hand went way up and waved around wildly because I really wanted to try these out! They looked so comfy. I got picked for a size 6. That meant Lillon was getting a new pair pajamas.

These were a pretty straightforward sew. Nothing was very difficult. If you are just beginning the collar would be the hardest part. It is pretty forgiving, though, and easier than it looks. The pants whipped up in about 30 minutes. I like that they use wider elastic in the waistband. They are roomy so your kids can goof around in the all they want without getting a hole in the crotch. I have it  from Lillon that they are very comfortable. She wore them for 5 nights straight!

The Drew and Jesse pajamas go from a size 12m to 10 years. The suggested fabrics are fleece or sweatshirt knit. My version uses a sweatshirt knit that has been in my stash while and came from someone else’s stash- it was gifted to me. I just love the heart fabric! If you would like to sew up your own,¬†Pollywoggles Patterns is having a new release sale for the Drew and Jesse. It is 30% off until February 9th.



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  1. Jenni Jex says:

    These are super cute! My favorite part is the knee patches. I love that she wore them for five days straight! Lol

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