It is Well with My Soul


Things have settled down here quite a bit in the last week or so. Liana is all all better after her bout with milk fever. Her babies are doing well. They have been out with the barn with her for over a week now and are nursing off her, so I don’t have to give them bottles any more. They were too weak in the beginning to stand or nurse off her. They didn’t even have any teeth when they were born! Daisy and her babies are fat and happy. This makes me SO happy!

The weather has been beautiful here. It has warmed up into the 40’s and 50’s with a couple days where is gotten up to about 60 or so. This means I opened up the barn doors for my chickens and goats to get some sunshine and fresh air. All of them hate snow and cold, so I shut the doors in the fall after it snows. They all refuse to step foot in it! I have also been able to get a few projects done and some fresh air myself. My milking stand got a much needed face lift. It was leaning precariously forward and unstable for milking. I got out my trusty drill, screws, and saw and stabilized it. It is now in good working order for me to milk on.



Since I didn’t have any pictures in my last post due to a memory card that disappeared (found it!) this post will be full of pictures of all the excitement of the last couple weeks.

Daisy with her newborn kids. Not even fully cleaned off yet!

The preemies outgrew their box!

The chickens have started laying eggs again!

There was snow on the ground last week at this time. ALL GONE NOW. WOOHOO!

Enjoying fresh air and sunshine!

"Come with me, Baby.'

Hello? Anyone home?

Now that my goats are back in tip top shape, I have time to do other things around here- like spring cleaning and sewing Easter dresses for sweet little girls. I am hoping to get all three of them a mama made one, but we will see. I also have two birthdays coming up in the next two weeks- Richie’s and mine!

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