Goat, Goats, and More Goats

The goat population here has more than doubled this week! My 2 yr old Saanan/Alpine cross, Daisy, kidded for the first time yesterday. She did a great job of pushing out a buck with a big head and a pretty doe kid. While she was birthing I was down there trying to take of Liana who has been having issues with Milk Fever. ( hypocalcemia) She keeps having relapses even though I am supplementing with extra calcium and leaving some milk in for her to re-absorb. Hopefully, I can get a handle on this soon.

The good news is that Liana’s  “preemies” are doing very well. They are full of energy and growing like weeds. I have been taking them out to be with her for a couple hours a day to get used to being outside. One will nurse off her and the other doesn’t. It would be nice if I could get both of them nursing well, so when she is better and it warms up I can put them out with her. Liana is such a good mom and is much happier when her babies are with her!

My #3 goat, Annabelle, broke one of my barn windows on Saturday. It is too cold to put new glass in, so my temporary fix was to staple a plastic political sign in. I love them! They have so many uses, but that is whole post in itself. Annabelle pulled the sign out of the window and cold air was pouring in while Daisy was cleaning off her kids. I put it back up three times. Grrr! I ended up nailing in up from the outside and so far it has stayed put. She has been a source of frustration this year. She miscarried in December, so no babies or milk from her this year. She has also had issues with keeping her body temp up. I have tried everything, but I think warmer weather is going to be the cure. I started giving her probiotics in hopes that they will help. This really just isn’t my year with goats!

On Saturday morning I woke up to find out something had made off with one of my chickens. There was a chicken head waiting for me in front of my coop door. I think some repairs to the door may fix the problem.

It has been a long and frustrating week on my little homestead. I am hoping this coming week will be better. So much of my time has been spent in the barn or feeding goat kids. Lillon told me last night that the goats see me more than they do! That was definitely true one day. I think I spent about 5 hours of my day taking care of goats! I told her it wouldn’t be long before they would need less care and I could spend time with my OWN kids.

Sorry there are no pictures with this post. One of my children lost my memory card I had set near my computer to upload later.

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