School Desk Make Over

About a month ago I unexpectedly ended up at a school auction. I thought it was a school rummage sale, but , no, only about two tables were rummage stuff. Things were going CHEAP, so I stuck around. I can’t resist a good deal. I ended up coming home with a short but long table- 8ft, a half dozen chairs for little people, a rolling table, and this…

I thought it would make a cute sewing table for the kids to use. Mine is too tall. We end up having to put the foot on a stool for them to sew. It was also only $1.  How could I resist???

Admittedly, it is no beauty queen. I could see potential there. I would turn it into something beautiful! Believe it or not, I actually got to doing something with it. After a trip to the hardware store for some spray paint in the perfect color I was ready to start…a couple months later.

The weather forecast for this week was showing a few warm days before the COLD sets in. This meant I needed to do my painting soon. Today, I pulled the little desk out to my driveway where the ladybugs had not taken over yet and gave it a light sanding on its rusty spots. It also needed a wipe down. I wanted to keep the lovely top and feet, so I applied newspaper and masking tape to them. Then I sprayed away to my hearts content.

Eden watched the whole time, exclaiming over the color I chose and the beauty of the little desk. I love a good audience. She is easy to please and loves anything shiny and new. I will have to agree with her that it is much improved. What do you think?

This was it with the paper still on it.


Here it is in its own little spot. The flowers in the mason jar were from a friend’s wedding and match beautifully!

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