Birthday Sale!

Readers who followed my journey through abdominal rehab for diastasis will know I am a big fan of the Tummy Team. Every year on her birthday the founder, Kelly, has a sale! Yay! I bought my program 2 years ago on during this sale and have never regretted it. It really has helped me feel stronger and look better. I could tell a big difference between this pregnancy and the last. ( and the births!) The work I did with the Core Foundations made that difference. ( I may post about that later if there is an interest!) If you want to read about my 8 weeks with the program, the posts are here: Tummy Talk

This isn’t a fitness program- it is REHAB. So many problems stem from a weak core- pelvic floor weakness/leakage/prolapse, back pain, digestive issues, hernias, and many other issues. I am thankful not to have dealt with a lot of those- mostly back pain.

There are five programs to choose from depending on your needs.

Core Foundations– 8 weeks that focus on strengthening your core and other areas that are connected.

Prenatal Core Training– 6 week program that focuses on pregnancy and birth prep.

Core Preparations for Cesarean– 4 week program for mothers who will be getting a planned c-section

Core Preparations– program for those who will be needing some sort of abdominal surgery. ( hernia, etc.)

Core Integrations– 6 months access to integrating your core into every day life. It is for those who have done the Core Foundations or Prenatal Program.

Use the code “HAPPY44” to get the birthday deal!

I hope that those of you who are having issues with how you look or feel will look into these programs. The Core Foundations program really helped me learn that I needed to take care of myself to take care of my family. God bless!


Post contains affiliate links, because I think Tummy Team is awesome. 😉

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