Pattern Testing: Autumn Grace Expansion Pack

When the original Autumn Grace pattern came out I was unable to test it due to having morning sickness/fatigue. I was so pleased when the expansion pack came up for testing, and I got to pick an option to test! The tunic version with pockets caught my eye right away. My girls always love something with pockets! The Expansion Pack from Pollywoggles has 5 options that were not in the original pattern-  tunic, pockets, cowl, hood, and sleeveless.

I chose the cowl option for the neckline. The cowl had some tweaking done with it after I tested it. Mine doesn’t sit quite nicely to the bottom. That was fixed in the final version. I didn’t end up making the final version since Lillon did not need more clothes, and I was getting close to my due date. I needed to do baby prep! I suspect I will be sewing up lots more of these in the future since it is cold weather pattern. It is hard to find patterns for warm clothes, and this one has so many options!

It was a fun pattern test and a quick sew. I made it up right after Christmas. I don’t usually work much with fleece, because it really isn’t my style. This really caught my eye, though, and I am so pleased with the pattern! The tutorial is clear and well done. The fit is good. There are instructions on how to mix ┬ásizes together for the perfect fit. Lillon’s tunic is a 5 width and a 7 length.

I enjoy working with this designer, because she is great about taking suggestions from the testers to make a better pattern for everyone. The Autumn Grace is on sale for a short time. It is only $5.13 US, so it is a good deal!


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