Review: Bella Bambini Crocheted Sweater Coat


During my “resting” period after Violet’s birth, I decided to fill some of that time being useful. I crocheted her a warm sweater! After browsing my Pinterest board for ideas, I went with a pattern that I used when I was pregnant with Abigail. It is a free pattern from the Bella Bambini,┬áthe Sweater Coat.

The pattern was easy. It needs to be if I can do it! I am no pro at crocheting. I tend to do it when I am bored and need to fill some time. That means I rarely do it. Ha! It also means I don’t make much progress in my skill level. Anyway, back to the pattern. I ramble. The fit is spot on for a newborn. I used two different yarns for some color contrast and interest. I shortened the length by a couple rows and added a scalloped bottom instead of a plain single crochet edging. The sleeves were adjusted for a slightly smaller scalloped edging. The scallop pattern came from ” 5 Crochet Edges You Should Know” on Craftsy.

For the buttons, I cheated and didn’t make button holes. The buttons I used fit nicely between the double crochets. They came from my vintage buttons stash. Picking out buttons for an outfit is always fun! My girls hear me rooting around in the buttons and come running. They can’t resist running their fingers through the buttons, either!

This pattern would work well for a boy or girl depending on the yarn you pick out. If I had to do it over again I would have crocheted up another sweater on the blog that isn’t too far off from this one, “Sam’s Sweater” . The bottom has a more feminine stitch. It is probably getting too late to make another newborn sweater. Violet probably only has another week or so in newborn sizes. She is growing so quickly!

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