Dreaming of Spring


The first whiffs of spring are in the air here on the frozen tundra.  There has been several warm days this week and the snow is well on its way out. Will there be more coming? I don’t know, but my mind has turned to my garden. I am thinking of planting some seeds inside to quench my thirst for the soil. I bought a fluorescent shop light at my local hardware store and some lights ( 1 warm, 1 cool) to go with it. I still need to figure out where this is going to go in my house.

Meat chicks are also on my mind. They are fun while they are small and a blessing when I reach into my  freezer in the winter.  I make some killer chicken noodle soup with those homegrown chickens! My layer chicks I bought late last summer are laying now. Fresh eggs daily! Mmm!

Violet is growing into a chubby baby. It makes my heart glad to see a baby with rolls of fat! The other kids are enamored with her and still fight to hold her.

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby


Another thing I am looking forward to this month ( no, not my birthday, though that is this month, too. 34 years old!) is The Heart of a Pioneer Woman retreat. I have never been to something quite like this before. A friend of mine works for the camp and invited me. They are having classes on gardening, cheese making. essential oils, and pie making. I am hoping for some sweet fellowship with other Christian ladies.


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