Spring has Sprung!






Spring is here in all it’s glory on the farm! The apple trees and lilacs are blooming as are the bleeding hearts. There have been two kids born so far, and I have another doe who has a very large belly! I am thinking she may have twins even though it is her first kidding. Baby chicks are staying warm under the heat lamp. In two months they will be large, meaty birds who will help feed my family through the year.


I have been digging in the garden already. The radishes should be ready soon. I have peas, beets, lettuce, spinach, garlic, and cabbages that are also showing off their new leaves. Last week I planted a new plum tree to pollinate my mature tree. My Mom got it for me as a belated birthday present. My previous plum was girdled by rabbits. I shouldn’t have problems with that anymore. My barn kitties keep them away now. I spent a couple hours today prepping and planting some strawberries. The kids ( children) helped me with that. I am hoping that Richard will get my garden tilled up in the next week or so. Then I can plant beans and other tasty things!

The spring birds are back. Robins, Cardinals, and a Goldfinch are some of the ones I have seen so far. Unfortunately, my kitties spotted a Cardinal, too. There was a pile of red feathers greeting me for chores this morning. There are fewer birds around now that the cats are here. The crows don’t seem much bothered by them, though!

My work list is a mile long. So much to do in the house- sewing, cleaning, school. I really want to make some time to sew. I have made a few things, but just haven’t had time to blog about them. It takes a long time to put something good together! The two older girls had new dresses for Resurrection Sunday. Richie got two new pair of short this week. He doesn’t like to wear pants as soon as it gets over 60F. Outside, I have garden work, spring yard work, weeding, and a brick walk to finish. I started one last summer while I was pregnant. I threw my back out halfway through, and it has sat unfinished since.



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